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What is cloud hosting?

Cloud hosting uses the power of a data center to “host” your Business Critical Systems. Cloud hosting is noted for its reliability, scalability, and flexibility. Putting Jonas software in the cloud removes the physical server on premise that you must maintain and backup. Let us do the work for you!

Why choose cloud hosting with TTAVIP?

Who better to host your business critical systems than the world’s preeminent provider of Jonas Software? We’ve got everything you need in one place — Cloud Hosting, Storage, Active Directory, Active Server & Peripheral Monitoring, are all options. All our plans include redundant data backup, Antivirus and Malware Monitoring, and Real Time Server Monitoring with Incident Alerts.

How secure is cloud hosting?

Our data centers are built using top-of-the-line technology, and servers are monitored 24/7 in a highly secure environment. We connect your network to the hosted environment through a VPN, so everything is tight and secure.

Do you offer Peripheral Monitoring?

Absolutely! With our Premium and Ultimate Plans, we can monitor all POS terminals, back-office workstations, and printers. If a device goes down, we send you an alert letting you know which device is the issue. Peripheral monitoring keeps you in control of any problems as soon as they happen!

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